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Scam Alert



The Saline Police Dept. has been made aware of numerous calls targeting senior citizens residing in Saline. The calls are from a recorded telemarketer selling a device called “Med Alert”. The recording tells seniors that they are entitled to a “free” Med Alert device and that the device was paid for already. The Saline Police Dept. wants to make sure people are informed about this service.


Consumers Digest, and many other references, say that this is a scam.

According to the Consumers Digest, seniors who declined the offer were sent a medical-alert device anyway. The company then billed and tried to collect money by threatening legal action. The goal is to get people to hand over their billing information so they can be charged $35/month for “monitoring services.”


The Federal Trade Commission has been investigating this matter. At the FTC’s request, a U.S. district court ordered one of the companies to cease operations. However, the calls continue in many states around the country. The companies use bogus addresses and many different names which makes it hard to track.


The company claims that you can press “5” to be taken off their phone list. This is not necessarily the case. By pressing 5 you may be actually validating information for future calls. If you receive one of these phone calls immediately hang up.


If you've given a company any payment information, make sure that you’re not being charged. This would include your checking account or any credit or debit card. These charges may not show up for a month or two. The charges could show up on a statement listed as something that you think is legitimate.



Det. Don Lupi

Saline Police Dept.

100 N. Harris

Saline, MI 48176